Saturday, July 4, 2009

Have you ever went to get into your auto and noticed a flat tire?
Well I will tell you how to repair a flat tire/and save money doing it yourself.
It isn't that hard of a job.There are three different ways to fix a tire.
You can jack the car up and remove the tire and take it to the tire shop,or you can buy a can of Fixit and inflate the tire,and hope it plugs the hole,which I have done before and it works most of the time.
You can buy a Tire plug kit ,which is the best way if you see a nail in the part of the tire which touches the road.
All you need to do is jack the car up until the tire will spin and the locate the nail or screw,mark the spot,pull the object out with a pair of pliers,then you take the rasping tool and run it into the hole to rasp a smooth hole.Then place the patch on the Insertion tool,apply cement to the patching string and push into tire.When there is 1/2 inch of patching string left on outside of tire,pull the Insertion tool back out of tire.
Cut patching string off level with the tread of tire.
Never try too patch a tire that has had the sidewall cut or even if there is a nail in it,as it can cause you to have a serious accident due too driving say 60 miles an hour,you hit a bump or any object that puts force on the tire it will most likely burst at the weakest point which is the patch you placed on the sidewall.
Always buy a new tire when you get a leak in the sidewall.
You can not patch a tire that has a bead leak where the tire attaches to the rim,You will have to take the tire to the shop to get the tire removed and the rim will have to be buffed,to get rid of rust or an object that is causing the leak.
I hope this advise teaches you how to repair a flat tire/and save money.